Welcome to a fully electric future!

Moto Electric is extremely proud to be the official UK partner for SUNRA Electric Vehicles to supply premium quality, innovative and extremely efficient electric scooters.

We’re super busy growing our dealer network which starts in London, but is set to expand rapidly across the UK.

Refer to the Dealer page to find your local showroom”


Company Background

SUNRA is a listed company mainly specialising in design, R&D, manufacturing and sales of electric vehicles. SUNRA produces electric vehicles with advanced technology all with approved global certification. Once a burning idea conceived inside a garage in Beijing in 1999, SUNRA has rapidly grown into an internationally known electric vehicle company.

The result is groundbreaking electric vehicle innovations that are relevant to today’s customers needs and requirements. SUNRA electric vehicles provide an unrivalled riding experience with real-world usable performance combined with accurate control and smart, market-leading technology. SUNRA strives to deliver quality first and foremost, while providing transport solutions that are cost effective, dependable and fun.

Why should you electrify?

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Clean and simple to use

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Super smooth, quiet and refined

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Deliver your sustainability plan

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Zero Emissions = Zero Congestion charge

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90% cheaper than Petrol mopeds to run

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Removable batteries, charged by UK plug

Find out more about our range

The SUNRA UK model line-up consists of machines that are ideally suited to the uses of UK customers. Available in 50 and 125cc comparable power options, all models offer great real-world performance, a high level of build quality, convenient technology, Minimal maintenance and exceptional value.

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