MCN – Jordan Gibbons finds battery bikes are the perfect pal for city life

The most important realisation came about halfway through my little experiment. I zipped into town to see a friend and, with a helmet stuffed under the seat, offered to give them a lift to their onward destination. This friend has no interest in motorcycles whatsoever. They don’t hate them but wouldn’t ordinarily have anything to do with them.

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USERNAMEKATE – Sunra MIKU SUPER Review // Taking an electric bike green laning… // What could possibly go wrong?!

I borrowed a ‘Sunra Miku Super’ bike for a couple of weeks and since I know there are a lot of bikers who aren’t tuned in to the electric bike movement, I thought I’d try a fun vlog where I take the bike somewhere it probably doesn’t belong… just for the giggles 🤭

It surprised me massively and I had a bloody good time!!!

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