Looking to join the electric revolution?

or an additional revenue stream?

Would you like to open up to new potential customer demographics as well as offering new sales opportunities to existing customers? 

Do you want to retail well supported products into a fast growing market?

SUNRA’s products may be the new direction or revenue stream your business needs. 

SUNRA has rapidly grown since 1999 into an internationally known electric vehicle company. The result is groundbreaking electric vehicle innovations that are relevant to today’s customers needs and requirements.

SUNRA electric vehicles provide an unrivalled riding experience with real-world usable performance combined with accurate control and smart, market-leading technology. SUNRA strives to deliver quality first and foremost, while providing transport solutions that are cost effective, dependable and fun.

In the UK, the market for our products is quickly growing, making now a great time to become a SUNRA dealer. With a diverse range of low capacity products which offer hassle free ownership and significant savings over their petrol counterparts.

What does a SUNRA UK retailer look like?

There is no fixed format for SUNRA UK dealer. We strive to work with partners who value great customer service and have the desire to make their business a lifestyle. The rest is down to presenting the products in a relaxed environment and educating potential customers to the benefits of switching to electric. Our products really sell themselves in the right environment. Our retailers range from a diverse array of backgrounds, from mainly Petrol motorcycle, EV Motorcycle and online e-bike retail specialists. Our products truly break through the barriers and appeal to a wide-ranging demographic.


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